Alicia grew up in the Philippine islands, where her parents were missionaries. Needless to say, she had an interesting and rather exciting childhood. Alicia was artistic as a child, and though she didn’t like babydolls, she loved designing and making costumes for her fashion dolls. Alicia and her family eventually moved back to the US. During junior high and high school she began a struggle with chronic illness. During this time of being limited in her activities, she discovered sculpting somewhat by accident! She was experimenting with some clay, and decided to sculpt a figure that she could costume. She was amazed to find that there was a name for this type of “figurative sculpture”, ART DOLLS! Alicia had always loved art, but was thrilled to have found something that combined so many mediums. With one of a kind art dolls, she is able to sculpt, paint, sew, design, etc. and it keeps her from ever getting bored! She is enjoying the adventure of learning as she goes along!

Besides dollmaking, Alicia’s other passion is theatre- particularly the Phantom of the Opera! She fell in love with the story when she first read the original novel at the age of 12. Since then, she has enjoyed seeing the various musicals and plays based on this well-known story. It is not surprising to find that most of her current work is centering around the Phantom of the Opera theme. Pictured (at right) is Alicia with her favorite Phantom, Brad Little (and his Phantom doll) and her grandmother. Alicia’s grandmother is creative as well, and Alicia thanks her for passing along her “artistic genes”! She is also blessed to have a wonderful family that encourages her and her artwork greatly!

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